Mount Charles HQ named ‘Best Business Premises’ in Belfast

02 Jun 2017

Annon House, the new 10,000 square foot £1.6million headquarters for Mount Charles, has won the ‘Best Business Premises’ award at the 2017 Belfast Business Awards.

The award was designed to reward a business premises design that is fit for purpose, exhibits all-round design and layout excellence and suits the needs and requirements of both staff and customers.

Entrants also had to explain the ethos behind the design and functionality of the premises, interpret the innovation of design, use of materials and colours.

The state-of-the-art Annon House on the Ormeau Road in Belfast is now home to around 50 head office employees.

Gavin Annon, Head of Sales & Marketing at Mount Charles and project-lead for the refurbishment of the new headquarters, said: “We were very clear in our aim; we wanted a new headquarters that would reflect not only the innovative way in which we do business, but also our commitment to the future of Mount Charles.

“Prior to construction of the new office, we conducted extensive research to understand what styles and trends were present in the marketplace.  It was important to time proof our concept as much as possible given the £1.6m investment to develop our new headquarters. 

“To ensure each of the three floors in the 10,000 square foot office would be bright and airy, we pulled down walls and false ceilings to create a fit for purpose, open-concept space with industrial touches and high-tech features.

“With a headquarter team size of 40, servicing over 250 contracts and over 2,000 team members on the ground, a well-designed and functional workspace was vital. 

“To be recognised as having the best space to work in Belfast is just fantastic. Productivity and morale have increased since moving in to Annon House back in October 2016, and this is just another great boost for team Mount Charles,” he added.

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